Downtown, Pirenópolis – State of Goiás, 72980-000

It was the first street in town. Unlike the rest of the Historic Center, its pavement is made of concrete blocks. The setting is made up of the city’s charming cinema, the Cine Pireneus, stage of various events and festivals; in addition to historic mansions. In one of these mansions, there is the Museu das Cavalhadas, which tells the story of the city’s traditional festival.

On the street you can also find the main pamonharias and pie houses, typical foods that cannot be left out of the tourist itinerary. Going in the opposite direction to the Church, you will find two nice alleys, one connecting with Rua Santa Cruz, and the other with the bus station. Footwear with stones, mud walls and flowers… The two alleys are simple and charming, they are always photo scenarios of those who come across them.

Hotels near Rua Direita, Pirenópolis?

Pousada Muralha
Pousada Casa Grande
Pousada Vila Colonial
Pousada Casarão Villa Império Hotel Boutique
Dádiva Hotel Boutique
Casarão Pireneus
Hostel Rua Direita
Arvoredo EcoSuites
Pousada Lara
Pousada das Cavalhadas
Chácara Salek
Pousada Vila Mariana
Pouse, Café e Cultura
Pousada Tajupá

Restaurants near Rua Direita, Pirenópolis?

Garagem Comedoria
Restaurante Tempero do Rosário
As Flôr Restaurante
Dona Cida Restaurante
Restaurante Sabor Caseira
Origem Pub Restaurante
Rua do Lazer Piri
La Chica
Pizzaria do Alemão
Recanto do Sabor Bar e Restaurante
Rosário 26 Pub & Restaurant

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